Astro GBA ST2 Scheinakzeptor für Fun4Four und Maxfire Jukeboxen

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Astro GBA ST2 Scheinakzeptor  für Fun4Four und Maxfire Jukeboxen

Mit dem Neustem Update für alle Euro Scheine 


The GBA ST2 is immediately robust and reliable, both in terms of its sturdy, compact housing, excellent and innovative "Sense Technology" note validation and range of clip-on mounting bezels.

Thanks to constant and enthusiastic improvement programmes, the GBA product line remains at the forefront of the BNR technology. Thanks to this, the ST2 introduces a brand new aspect to GBA note validators.

The GBA ST2 has wide ranging applications in markets as diverse as vending, car wash, change machines to kiosks to specialised AWP solutions.

Key Features:

  • A wide range of interfaces including: ccTalk, MDB, Parallel, Pulse, Serial, and SSP.
  • Accepts up to 32 notes, in 4 directions (max note width 85mm)
  • Illuminated, blue flashing note guide as standard.
  • USB download capabilities.
  • Optional magnetic head.
  • Optional coupon/barcode reader.
  • Comprehensive GBA Talk software package.
  • Range of stylish "clip-on" bezels to suit a variety of application.
  • Removable upper housing for complete access to the internal note path.
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Inhalt 1 Stück